Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Potential of the Mobile Internet

Make money now by becoming a WAP-master!  Here's the repost of  an article about the tremendous profit potential of the adult mobile internet written by Christian Kreul, CEO of SexGoesMobile:

"The potential of the mobile internet is immense and it has never been easier to generate revenue. And we’re only just at the beginning of this era; the market will explode in the years to come.

There are certainly many people who ignore the mobile internet or even call it nonsense. But wasn’t it similar with the internet a few years ago? Didn’t the offline industry snigger at the online business? And what is it like today? The offliners now have proper respect for the online business, don’t they? And not just that. They are also suffering from fear of losing their livelihood.

The mobile internet certainly won’t replace the fixed internet. But we want to tell those who are laughing about the mobile internet, that they are very, very mistaken!

When comparing the mobile internet to the fixed internet, the mobile internet is approximately where the fixed internet was in the year 1998. But we should bear in mind that the development of the mobile internet will progress much faster than in those early days.

According to a study by Juniper Research, erotic content on the mobile internet will generate US$ 3.3 billion in the year 2011. In the next five years they are expecting an overall turnover of US$ 14.5 billion. With a share of 39%, Europe will play the biggest role. And this is only referring to the adult sector.

Why is this the case? First of all, it’s worth mentioning that the adult industry has already helped other sectors to grow substantially. For example print, TV, DVD, VOD, internet, just to mention a few. But the mobile internet has got many more advantages:

1. It is global – exactly like the internet! With one significant difference – there are already more mobile phone than PCs in the world. The explanation is simple: There are countries that don’t have a well-established broadband infrastructure like Western Europe or North America. These countries (for example South Africa or India) are using the mobile internet and are skipping the PC.

2. Differences in income also play a role. Especially in newly industrialized countries people don’t have the money to buy computer hardware. Those who follow the media will have heard about the 100$ Notebook.

3. The mobile phone has become an everyday device. Besides your keys and wallet the majority of people carry their phone around with them daily. No matter where they are, the mobile phone is everyone’s constant companion. It can be noted that most erotic content downloads are being made late in the evening and in the morning between 06:00 – 09:00 am - on the way to work.

4. Nothing is more private than your mobile phone. You don’t have to share it with anyone. No-one has to be afraid that a member of their family would detect what’s happening on it.

5. It has never been easier to pay for content. The user is able to pay for it with just one click. They don’t have to insert any information or go through a complicated registration process or divulge private details. One simple click is enough and the customer can enjoy premium content.

6. In addition, users’attitude is different on mobile than on PC. Everything you find on the fixed internet is available for free elsewhere. You just have to search for it. We can even call it a “free-of-charge mentality”. Mobile network providers, however, have cleverly managed to create a different expectation: Everything that the user does on mobile costs money – making calls, sending SMS, checking ones mailbox, surfing the mobile internet. Therefore, a user’s reluctance to pay for content is much lower.

I hope that I have illustrated to you the massive revenue potential of the mobile internet. Again, the mobile internet will never replace the fixed internet, but it’ll complement it in an ideal way."